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To quote a popular song, “…it came rolling out of Memphis like a hurricane or Texas Tornado…” These lyrics were used to describe the musical force of nature known as Rock-A-Billy music that was created in the southern United States in the 1950’s.

Sun Records label owner Sam Phillips gathered a stable of raw talent artists like Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich, Carl Mann, Rayburn Anthony, and others who changed the course of popular American music and forged what later was known as Rock & Roll.

One of these artists, Rayburn Anthony, has traveled the world and built a fan base across the globe that remains loyal to his music still today. Rayburn has influenced many artists that came after him with his music, songwriting, artistry and style. His songs have been recorded by some of America’s legendary artists and his own recordings are played around the world as a tribute to his genuine talent and abilities.

Spend some time here learning more about Rayburn Anthony the man, the musician, the songwriter. Rayburn’s illustrious music career has been a vital part of the music scene for decades. He is a pioneer of Rock-A-Billy, Country, and rock & Roll and responsible for his fair share of paving the way for generations of artists since.

This website not only offers a wealth of information and insight to Rayburn’s life and music, but pays tribute to this true American original that has given us some pretty large footprints to follow in.